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Book Clips and Chapters!

Here we will post clips and short chapters from the up coming book Chris is writing “Limiting the Limitless God”.

Be sure to check back often to stay up to date on the books progress and to read the most recent clips and chapters!

Feel free to give Chris any feedback you might have, and encourage him as he listens to God and does his best to bring Him glory through this endeavor.


Chapter One – “Humble beginnings” (part one)

As I sit here with pen and paper, I know that I am not alone. My wife Mary, is currently on the phone with one of our daughters and my mother-in-law, whom we live with is in the kitchen cleaning up after our dinner. There is no other “person” around, and still I know that I am not alone. God is with me. Jesus is, in a way, sitting here with me and the Holy Spirit is helping me to write this. My heavenly Father is looking upon me, His chosen child, and smiling. So, with that I can say that I am never alone because “Thou O God, art with me”.

So, with such a great co-op of help, I am starting this adventure to try and understand as well as explain this concept or idea for this book or e-book or whatever it may become. The idea is and does at times sound completely preposterous even to me at times. But my prayer is that my co-writers, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, well help me to convey this though, this idea, this issue that we the body of Christ are in fact “Limiting the Limitless GOD”.

I know that this may seem to be completely impossible, but I pray that by the time I am done that not only will you have a deeper understanding of what it means to limit our limitless God, but that I will as well.

I know the words that many are thinking as they read this. That God is limitless and knows no bounds. That there is no way that we, mere humans, could in any way limit God. And in many ways, I agree. But what I hope that I can convey is that God, in an all be it, small way, is limited by His creation. So please bear with me and hear me out.

To understand this idea of how we could in any way limit a limitless God of all creation, we need to first off be ready to become completely honest. Not only with God, but with ourselves.

For so many years of my Christian life, which at is seven and a half years at the time of writing this, my view and understanding of “Who” and “What” I am as someone who is “Saved”, “Born Again”, a “Christian” has changed many times. And I’m sure that is true for many Christians. As we learn and explore who this Jesus is and the depth of what His death, burial, and resurrection meant, our understanding of who we are in Him starts to change.

But I know, that many people today, who have accepted Jesus as their “Savior” have hardly changed a bit since the day they were given a new life in Christ, a second chance so to speak. Instead of allowing God, the infinite all powerful, Almighty God, this limitless God to have a home within their hearts and have Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords to become in fact Lord over their lives, they have instead limited the limitless God to just a man who died for their sins so that they could hopefully get into heaven one day.

Sound familiar? Do you know a “Christian by name” like this? Are you a “Christian” like this? I hope that you’re not but if you are don’t worry. God has an answer for all of that. But our first step is to realize that we are in fact limiting how much we will allow God into our lives and hearts.

…More to come in the coming months!

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