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“Limiting the Limitless God”

Welcome to the “Limiting the Limitless God – learning to let go of self and let God be God” book page here on WOFM. Limiting the Limitless God was self-published on October 22nd of 2020 through Amazon Kindle Direct. It’s been a long road full of frustrations, joys and edits. Lots and lots of edits. But in the end we feel that the final product is an inspiring read to Christians of all levels of maturity.

This book will hopefully challenge any and all Christians to examine the depth of their personal relationship with God. How fully are you walking in the Spirit of God? How much of yourself are you still holding onto; refusing to let God take charge of? These are some of the types of questions the book holds for the reader.

Taking the reader through a progression of truthful life experiences and looking at how they fall under the lens of Gods word, Limiting the Limitless God unfurls some of the biggest issues facing Christians today! Lack of trust in His Word, lack of hunger as a believer, unforgiveness and lots more in a relaxed and comforting way.

“It’s like sitting down and having a conversation with Chris. It’s really cool.” Muriel L.

Here on this page and others, we are going to share more thoughts about parts of the chapters of the book, some of the key points (take-aways)  as well as some of the “Hard Questions”. So be sure to check back often to stay up to date and read the most recent clips from chapters and fresh insights into Limiting the Limitless God!

“Marendish offers a powerful and practical look at what God can do in the life of any believer and gives meaning to his phrase in the book “God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” A call to serve others for the cause of Christ is put forward reinforced by several personal examples.

By reflecting on his own personal experiences in the Christian faith and in the Body of Christ, and by appealing to Biblical truth, in “Limiting the Limitless God” Marendish makes the compelling case that there is indeed no limit to what God can do!     – Jeff M.

If you would like to buy a copy  of Chris’ Book or read a free preview simply click the copy of the book below!

…More to come in the coming months!

Please feel free to leave a comment, review, or even some constructive criticism. God bless you all in your travels to become the WHO He made you to be!.