International Ministry

  More than just an outreach!

Word Of Freedom Ministries has partnered with a small church group in Pakistan in order to help further the Kingdom of God. In order to do this, Word of Freedom Ministries is donating 10% of all our regular donations to help support their efforts to bring Jesus Christ to the citizens of Pakistan. If you would like to help support our friends there directly you can use the PayPal button below to help us in this endeavor. Please type “International” in donation message box, and we will ensure that every dollar we receive makes it to them.

Word of Freedom ministries is a 501c3 tax exempt ministry. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your help and support for the kingdom of God moving around the world.

In addition to this we are occasionally holding prayer meetings via Skype with Pastor Ajmal Masih in Pakistan to pray for one an others ministries for provisions, protection. This has become a great time of worship and praise to our Lord God.

Pastor Ajmal and his group have done amazing work for the kingdom of God. They travel out to the “Brick Stations” where people literally are in slavery because of debt. They minister to these people as well as try to raise funds to help set some of them free from this generational bondage of slavery.12821452_1282887955061623_6692971370846686756_n

Watch the video to see what these “Brick Stations” look like. If ever there is a place that needs to hear the gospel message this is it.


We’ve Got The Land!!! Now We Need The Building!!

We are so excited to have been partnering with Pastor Ajmal and his church in order build a church in this impoverished area.  And through some amazing donations we have already been able to helped them in raising the funds to purchase the land (pictured below) and are now looking to help them build the physical church building.IMG-20170809-WA0015IMG-20170809-WA0012IMG-20170809-WA0001








This new building will be a place of worship and hope to those in the area oppressed by this legalized form of slavery. Giving them the hope and peace that comes through the love and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are hoping to help them raise the funds for this new House of God by the end of 2017, but we cannot do this without help.

Click on the “Donate Button” above to help us to raise money to buy the supplies needed for the building of this new church in this impoverished area of Pakistan! And bring a mighty “Praise the Lord” in the land of Pakistan!

Helping raise the next generation

Pastor Ajmal and his fellow pastors and instructors have a Sunday School training program, where men and women are taught ways to share the gospel of God with children in these local areas. 19452803_186619671870094_5905486319462591441_oThese men and women are given bibles and some other teaching supplies to start with as they then go out to other small communities to help teach children about Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God.20424868_201138500418211_187982729_o








Spreading the Word of God

Getting to know Jesus is so much easier when you have access to the Word of God. Imagine trying to draw deeper to God without having His word to read. Or trying to follow a pastors teaching on the word of God without being able to read along. The giving out of bibles to men, women, and children who have come to Christ is such an amazing way to deeply touch the lives of people.


The dangers of being a Christian

All this they do in the face of persecution. It is not a crime to be a Christian in Pakistan, but that does not mean that they are not targets for attack. Read about the attack on 09/02/16 here



Please check back for more updates and to find out more on how you can help pray and further the kingdom of God.